This is a story about a major renovation of my family's own dream home. Follow me in my search for the perfect home sourcing finishes and fixtures, altering floorplans and dealing with trades people. Fingers crossed it's going to be fun!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Ro Sham Beaux!

In my search for the perfect pendant, I recently came across an incredibly talented lady making the most beautiful lighting out of glass beads, shells, twine and gold paint. She is Ann Yancy Rogers and her business goes by the name of Ro Sham Beaux . Have a look at these beautiful pieces.

The Malibu

The Adelaide

The Carmen

They're made using red coral, white rock, recycled coke bottles, blue quartz, mirror quartz and can be made in any colour really. A selection of new options keep coming through.

If you'd like to get your hands on one of these gorgeous pieces, send me an email!


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wow have I been busy.

I have decisions to make every day on our project. What's the detail on the ensuite cabinetry, the shower mixer can't be reached on that wall, I don't want that ceiling flat...
But my main thought when I lie awake at night is what light fitting will I put there, how many do I need, and where exactly will I put it? I've got a little money to spend each week over and above what we have agreed on for the build, and with that I am selecting the jewellery for the house. Being an Interior Designer it's beyond important to me to include special details. 

Thinking back to the house's original crystal chandeliers, I had been deliberating just WHERE to put them? There are 2, should I keep them together, split them up? I've decided to lend the dining table some bling and hang them both over that. They should brighten up that leg of the room quite well!

Working on from the brass and sparkly idea, I wanted to pull the open plan space that also includes the kitchen and small sitting area into a more casual, tropical, british colonial feel. Doesn't that sound impossible?! Ha!

I wanted to keep pendants off the kitchen island bench so a) they don't compete with the chandeliers, and b) to keep the space feeling open. I've opted for 2 wall lights to sit either side of the rangehood, like this...


 This is the one I've chosen, from Restoration Hardware.

And to hang over the small sitting area by the fireplace is something that needs to pack quite a punch. You'll see it as soon as you walk through the front door looking through the foyer. It needs to reflect the overall vibe of the house, and also tie in with the rustic wall lights and sparkly crystal chandeliers.

It's perfect! It's open and airy. It's beachy. It has a touch of brass, and a touch of steel to blend with the other fixtures. Oh, and it's STUNNING. It is called the Palm Beach Chandelier. Right up my alley.

Can you tell I don't like downlights?