This is a story about a major renovation of my family's own dream home. Follow me in my search for the perfect home sourcing finishes and fixtures, altering floorplans and dealing with trades people. Fingers crossed it's going to be fun!

Friday, 1 February 2013

The Details

So! As previously mentioned A Shiplap Home has quite a few features worth retaining. Yes we are planning on modernising and opening it up to the magnificent views we are very lucky to have. However, we are hell bent on being politely courteous to our lovely lady - She's too beautiful & rich in character to contemporise for the sake of it.

Here's an overview of the details:

I should probably start with the shiplap eh? This is a central feature of the family room, the heart of the home. The room will be opened up to the kitchen in the reno, but we will keep this as our main focal point. With the high ceilings it's a grand beachy feel.

A bit of bling I thought was pretty daggy at first. We have 2 of these waterfall crystal chandeliers in the family room. There was another in a dining room but when we bought they were missing loads of crystals, so I've sacrificed it in order to restore the 2. I have lovingly removed and washed every single crystal. It was a bloody nightmare! I now love how old Hollywood they are, even if they don't really help with the beach house ideal. For 3 years I've been stressing how I'm going to work these into a scheme, with shiplap! But for me they just work, so my scheme I've now labelled Glam Beach House, what do you think?!

Continuing on with the brass accents are these amazing solid cast handles on the french doors in the family and master bedroom. They are gorgeous and I love the patina they have. I'm thinking I'll mirror this with raw brass hardware for the internal doors in a more simple cast. I guess I'm lucky with the trend for gold and brass being so hot right now. But I'm totally against anything trendy, especially with this place. Key word 'classic'.

And last but not least, the hallway panelling. We also have this on the master bed wardrobes, something we will definitely replicate in all future bedrooms and the kitchen.

So that's it for now. I'll be visting a few suppliers next week to do some specifying, so watch this space!


  1. Love the chandelier! It is amazing! well worth the effort

    1. Thanks H! We love them now. They certainly add a bit of jewellery to the room! x


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