This is a story about a major renovation of my family's own dream home. Follow me in my search for the perfect home sourcing finishes and fixtures, altering floorplans and dealing with trades people. Fingers crossed it's going to be fun!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Joinery Details

I'm currently working on all the joinery in the house. Every single piece needs to be drawn and detailed which is a mammoth job. Especially when I'm so pedantic over the details! I much prefer to draw freehand so I'm in the process of getting it all down on paper and then handing it over to our very patient Architectural Designer to CAD it up. I'm so glad he's doing that part - my head would explode otherwise!

I've just finished the kitchen (I think) so next onto laundry, bath, powder rooms, ensuite, wardrobes x 3, cellar.....overwhelming, yes? Well look, if I wanted standard profiles and finishes, it would be a piece of cake. Call me a snob, but these details make a home. A nice 20mm frame visible around each kitchen cabinet or drawer makes a kitchen feel robust, and handmade. A sweet, simple corbel integrated into the bottom of overhead cabinets feels more built in rather than just stuck up there on the wall.

by Muse Interiors

My most favourite detail ever is adding a fake plinth or feet to the face of the kick boards. It's so clever! It gives the illusion of a completely handmade, and much much more expensive kitchen. Like this.

image from

Oh, and while we're at it, here's a pic of the range I've chosen. A Lacanche Saulieu. Isn't it hot?? We'll either order this matt black finish or stainless steel finish with the brass trims.

Love it! I'm off to try and get some more sleep. These plans have been running through my dreams! x


  1. Ooo-eee! Amazing cooker. I love the matt black. Even I, who would eat Pop Tarts all day if:

    a) They didn't make me fat, and
    b) I wasn't allergic to them

    .. get all misty-eyed when passing the Aga shop.

    1. I know, right? Mr detests Agas, he thinks they look like steam trains. I guess he's kind of right really. I love the IDEA of the Aga,the centre of the home, warming the kitchen and all that jazz. But they are incredibly nonchalant about guzzling fuel. So in my research I found a steam train look alike and fell in love. That picture does not do it justice. x


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