This is a story about a major renovation of my family's own dream home. Follow me in my search for the perfect home sourcing finishes and fixtures, altering floorplans and dealing with trades people. Fingers crossed it's going to be fun!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Plans To Go

Well well well...Things are moving, finally! I've not posted for a while. I have been busy stressing over how to reduce our builder's estimate for our build. All that stressing hasn't led to much problem solving unfortunately. It's not easy forgoing all these details that are so important to me! But we sat down with our builder on Saturday and nutted out exactly how much things are going to cost and where we can make do with something a little less 'Laura'. I was rather scared we'd have to lose my awesome (very excited) laundry/mudroom, or reduce the ensuite into the massive walk in robe to save on some valuable square meterage. You see, I'd much rather forsake the size of these spaces that the quality. We have a high benchmark to follow with all the original joinery. The original doors are super thick, solid cedar. The cabinets are all solid timber (probably cedar again) and handpainted. If you add a flimsy aluminium framed wardrobe to that in a new bedroom it's going to look like a poorly done renovation. Not the look I'm after. We probably would have had to lose some metres if Hubby hadn't found some more $$. (silent scream!) 

So it turns out we need to find a cheaper roof tile, window maker, reduce the fully ducted air-con, which to be honest we use maybe 7 days of the year here in Melbourne anyway. Oh, and we dropped the cellar. It would have been lovely, but well, that's 25k saved and we can add it easily later if we really miss it. Oh, and now the tender has gone out to the trades so they'll have to reduce their quotes. Thanks trades in advance!

I guess you want to see the plans then?

This is the ground floor plan. All the existing walls are dark. Our views to the bay are to the South West (left) and this is the elevation the house design was originally orientated towards. As it is on a corner, and we didn't want our visitors parking out the front of the view, we've reorientated the house to the north (up). This will stop us using the back door to enter the house, as now we will have a new entry near the parking area. The garage is off to the right there linked by the laundry/mudroom. The cellar was going to be behind the fireplace in the family, accessed from the dining room. It can be done later if need be. We have extended out for the lounge and also a little for the rumpus (you can see the existing dotted line) and laundry.

I love the kids' rumpus being close to us in the kitchen/family room, and that they can run directly outside without messing up any other space. I'm so looking forward to having somewhere for all their 'stuff' to go.
I love how the main kitchen sink is set off to the side so all the messy dishes can be left and not be in your face. So important in an open plan space.
And I'm really looking forward to a beautiful lounge with views that can be relatively child free and I dreaming?!

The original upstairs consisted of  just the study, bed 2 and a terrace. Upstairs we have added the whole master suite, and restored the terrace to be a terrace again. It was boxed in with a flat roof in the 60's, along with a terrible addition of a small bed 3 and bathroom on the opposite end. That will be demolished and the easterly wall pushed out 1 metre to allow for a better sized bed 3 and kids bath. All the existing windows are being replaced to pretty up the northerly elevation as that is our new 'front of house'.
I'm looking forward to having all our bedrooms away from the living areas. Currently we all sleep & live downstairs. Good luck getting a sleep in on Mothers' Day! Also that there is no play room upstairs means it will be a quiet wing, just what I need! Hopefully all the toys don't travel upstairs from the rumpus.

This is the new facade. We've done what we can to make the front door look appealing. The rest will have to be done with some careful planting and landscaping.

This is the elevation that faces the view. I'm looking forward to sitting on that verandah with a glass (jug) of Pimms watching the boats and kite surfers.

Our builder says we'll be starting in 6 lets say 8 weeks. I am so incredibly excited. x

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