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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

My Mini Mes

I've been posting lots of boring black and white stuff lately haven't I? So for those that are less interested in drawings, and more interested in pretty pictures this is for you.

My kids are almost as obsessed as me about this decorating thing. Whenever we're having snuggles and I'm on the computer (naughty multi tasking Mummy) the little one in particular wants to see pictures of 'her room'. So we'll jump onto Pinterest where I've made them each a board and they've chosen images they love or I've added some things I think might work. Miss 5 last year started off wanting a mermaid room. I was a bit hesitant about that. The last thing I wanted in her room was a giant clam shell bedhead. So we casually breezed over that idea and she all of a sudden spotted this image.

It's a Florence Broadhurst paper and it is especially beautiful in this colour. I'm so bloody proud of her that she's chosen something so classy. Most of the kid stuff on offer is either incredibly tacky or super contemporary and rainbow coloured. As much as the Australian rainbow version of Scandinavian design is cute in a kids room, my girls are real girls, and they make a real mess.
So that's the walls sorted. Some of the other images she's pinned...

She liked the setup here with space around her, to feel she's in her important office.

She loved the colour of this, it is her favourite colour. She also really wants a dressing table, rather than a desk, that she can have all her jewellery and makeup out on display. Please note her dressing table would never look this tidy!

So the little one, Miss 3 has surprised me also. I've shown her tons of pretty girly coloured rooms and continue to suggest others because I'm sure she'll change her mind, but this is her pick.

Weird huh? This is the kid I've picked as being the tomboy, the rock chick, the outgoing one. But this is completely serene. Having said that this is the house of wallpaper and she's adamant she's having this

It's by a company called Little Hands who do absolutely gorgeous murals. There are some others I would have preferred she picked...

And her favourite little chair we found would be cute with that...

What do you think of my Mini Mes and their style?!

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